Garden Construction - Queen Street, Muswellbrook

Date: 2007 - Ongoing Maintenance
This part of the garden was developed as a No Dig Garden, due to the heavy clay which was strongly alkaline 9.5/10.
Gypsum first followed by layers of wet paper, followed by a layer of lucerne hay (in biscuits), topped with 15 to 20cm of compost, then another layer of lucerne hay.
This then sat for some months before planting started. The original planting consisted of trays & trays of annuals, holding the soil together.
More hay was added, then as the bank started to turn into a rich soil supply & worm activity was present shrubs & perennials were planted.
The mulching with lucerne hay continued for 2 years, then another layer of Organic soil mix followed by Forest Blend Mulch. pH now 7 to 7.5. See before & after photos.